Unlimted Internet in more than 100 countries


This is an autonomous devices which can connect any device with capacity of WiFi connection : Smartphone, laptop, tab to internet.

He does not need any setup or wire or software.

He works like a WiFi hotspot and fit in your pocket.

He allows you a secure, efficient and fast connection no matter where you are in the world whil making good economy on roaming fees whithin the covered area by the local operator.

The WiFi device works with any connected objet on WiFi, such as laptop (Windows & Mac), smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry…) or pad (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle…).

You can connect upto 5 differents devices to the IZIWIFI.

Please note that the speed of the connection will be split between each of the 5 fives simultaneously connected devices and will slow down the connection speed.

A battery charged to the maximum has an autonomu of approximately 10 hours in use (20 hours in standby mode)

The device can be charge directly on the USB plug or through the supplied charger on an electrical plug of 230 Volts or 110 Volts. (USA & Japan)

To increase the battery life of your WiFi device during your trips.

If you are using a car during your trip, Si vous utilisez une voiture pour vos déplacements, we are advising you to rent taking lighter in order to charge your device in your car.

The WiFi device does not allow you to take classical call through cellular network,  however he allows applications like WhatsApp, iMessage, Skype, Skype, Hangout, etc… to do so on data networks.

The WiFi device does not allow to send classical SMS/MMS through cellular network, however he allows applications like WhatsApp, iMessage, Skype, Skype, Hangout, etc… to do so on data networks.

Our WiFi device is compatible in all the countries listed on our website. It is the same device that could be used every time. That let you travel freely without taking many of devices.

In general, more the signal is strong in an area where you are (indicate by LED signal) better the connection will be.

IZIWIFI is offering an excellent network coverage on the land, for the maritime coverage it will depend on the distance between you and the coast or the cruise point where you are. Closer the coast is, better the network cover will be

There will be surely a cover in the harbor.

Not necessarily – smartphones don’t work like the WiFi device, consequently both are not connecting in the same way.

The WiFi device connects to the cellular netwrk in 4G. Phones are connecting on mobile network.

As the mobile network are older than cellular network therefor the coverage is wider especially in country side. That’s why you will be able to call by using your mobile phone but not necessarily getting internet.

In order to guaranty the availability of your device, we advising you to book your WiFi device at the same time as your flight tickets. Any way, at least 15 days before your travel date in order to ensure the availability of our coverage in your destination and to be delivered before your departure.


However, you can also book 4 days max before your departure ( only for France).

For last minute booking, a member of IZIWIFI team will contact you in order to set the last details (availability, shipment, etc…)


We are proposing 2 modes of delivery :

– A shipment made by the Postal service (delivered against signature)

– Delivery in relay package, which allows you to go get your Wi-Fi box directly within 15 minutes of your home (Only if available in your country).


We guarantee you a delivery between 1 to 3 days (in France) before the start of your renting period. If you need to receive your device before, your just have to start the renting period earlier.

We guarantee delivery within 2 working days in mainland France thanks to our partner La Poste. 

However, if you wish to place a last-minute order that does not allow the traditional routing of your Wi-Fi box we invite you to contact our phone number listed on the site before placing your order.

If you are doing a mistake on the information transmitted and that prevents the normal delivery of your Wi-Fi device, you will be contacted by the services of the Post Office or by a member of our team to find the best solution.

 The additional additional costs of a re-delivery will be at your charge and responsibility and directly debited without prior notice on your credit card transmitted during your reservation. 

No refund can be requested to IZIWIFI in the case of failure to deliver within the time allocate to you due to a typing error on your part or a lack of details mandatory for good delivery.

We send you at the same time as your Wi-Fi box a secure envelope already stamped and filled to use once your rental is complete.

It will be enough for you to deposit it in a post office, in your relay parcel, or in a mailbox accepting the parcels. 

As a reminder, our address is :

57 Boulevard de la République
Espace lumière – Bâtiment 3
78400 CHATOU

We ask you to return the WiFI device whithin 5 business days after the end of your rental period.

In case of trouble for returning in time the device, contact us quickly in order to find solution.

Beyond this period, we are keeping the right to charge you a rent day per 24hours late.

You are responsible of your WiFi device until the reception in our offices.
To ensure this we are giving your a prepaid secure envelope that does not allow to reopen after being closed.

Our transport partner La Poste carries out a permanent tracking of yoru shipment at each stage of of its journey, from the post office to its delivery in our office.

If you wish to change your rental period or clarify the delivery address after your order we invite you to contact us at the details that you will find in your confirmation email.

You have the possibility to cancel your order at least 30 days before the rental period start.

In this situation you won’t be charge of any cancelation fees.

If you want to cancel your rental period between 30 days and the day of shipping of your WiFi device an extra charge will be done of 15€ corresponding to the cost of processing your order.
If your order has already been sent the delivery / return cost will be charged including the period on which the WiFi device has been unavalaible from the date of delivery / provision indicate by La Poste.

In any case it is imperative to contact our customer service at the number indicated in your booking confirmation email. The cancellation will be deemed valid only upon receipt of our email confirmation sent with your cancellation request.

We accept only the payment by VISA or MASTERCARD.

Your credit card will be automatically debited of the amount of your rent or buy.

Confirmation Email will be sent  automatically with the invoice as soon as your book is validate


All the different displayed prices are including VAT. The rate of the VAT will be the one in effect when you will make your book.

The invoice coming with your confirmation email will display the VAT paid.

In order to know the value in GB from a MB you have to divide the value in MB by 1024.
For exemple : 1024 MB = 1 GB   ; 512 MB = 0.5 GB ; 3072 MB = 3 GB

A classic internet page required a loading of data from 200 to 500 KB.

However some website with a high density of multimedia content (picture, video) like Facebook for instance can consume a much bigger volume of data.

Usualy  50 MB are enough to get 250 mails with a text format without attachment.

But every attachment can slightly rise this number.

We are advising you to set your devices to avoid downloading attachments automatically.

A simple vocal call on skype will consume around 4 KB / Secon; whereas a video call will consume around 650 KB /

But this can also slightly rise because Skype can switch the resolution (higher or smaller) depending on the network quality.

For exemple : 15 minutes of audio call can consume around 5 MB and 15 minutes of video call can consume around 10 MB.

There are several factors that can generate a rapid data volume consumption. The main reason is the download or streaming of audio / video file (a movie is usually around 700 MB).

In addition, some programs consume data in the background without being visible. For example, updates of your operating system are typically downloaded and installed automatically without prior notice.

Backup software (such as iCloud, Dropbox and GoogleDrive) will also use streaming data all day long. Most Mac / iOS devices are preconfigured with a permanent backup feature.

Other programs such as Skype and other communications software also contribute to the use of data if they are always active.

You also need to be careful with email software such as Outlook or Entourage, which continuously downloads email and attachments whenever a connection is available if they are set up as standard.

Remember that any use of data is magnified when sharing the connection between multiple devices or people! This means that even “normal” activities such as web browsing will consume more data when multiple devices are connected at the same time. For this reason, we recommend sharing the above information with everyone who will connect to the WiFi device with you.